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Our mission is to cultivate excellence, equipping our students with knowledge and skills that have a global impact.
Through innovative online learning, we strive to empower individuals to make a difference in the world.

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Welcome to Lernaxu.com! As CEO, I’m thrilled to lead an innovative online college committed to delivering a top-tier education. Our mission is to empower students with skills that transcend boundaries and make a lasting impact. Join us in shaping a future where learning knows no limits.

Mr. Mahesh Hemachandra

MBA (Australia), MSc in Mkt., BSc. (Hons) IT (UK), MABE (UK),

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Quality Education


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Student-Centric Approach




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of Industry Experts


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to Global Impact

Top-Class Lecturers

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our faculty. Experience world-class education from industry experts and seasoned professionals who bring real-world insights into the virtual classroom. Our lecturers are dedicated to fostering an interactive and engaging learning environment.

Mr. Mahesh Hemachandra

Meet Mahesh Hemachandra, a distinguished educator at Lernaxu.com. With a rich academic background, Mahesh holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, currently pursuing a Ph.D. In his 20+ years of lecturing career, he has mentored countless students, producing multiple Sri Lankan and global prize winners for ABE. Mahesh’s impactful teaching has empowered his students to secure prominent positions in leading companies, contributing to their success. Join his class for an enriching educational experience that goes beyond textbooks.

Mr. Althaf Haaris

Introducing Althaf Haaris, a distinguished lecturer at Lernaxu.com. Armed with a BSc (Hons) in Accounting and ACCA qualifications, Althaf brings a wealth of expertise. With a remarkable track record, he has nurtured numerous country and world prize winners in ACCA. Renowned for his ability to simplify complex concepts, Althaf is celebrated among students. With 10 years of lecturing experience, he continues to inspire and elevate the learning journey

At Lernaxu.com, we stand as a beacon of transformative education, dedicated to shaping future leaders through our online college. Specializing in ABE programs, we are committed to delivering a top-class educational experience that goes beyond traditional boundaries.

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